Artex is Comune di Firenze's technical partner for INNOCRAFTS, a European project that involves as partners cities of art with and important cultural and industrial heritage in the business of the artistic craftsmanship that are facing similar difficulties in this sector.


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The overall objective of the INNOCRAFTS project is to promote entrepreneurship and business creation in the artistic and contemporary crafts sector by improving the effectiveness of regional and local development policies through sharing and exchanging good practices and experiences. The promotion of successful entrepreneurship and a sound business environment for SMEs has always been a major concern for the European Union. In order to promote SMEs’ growth and improve the overall approach to entrepreneurship, the European Commission adopted in 2008 the Small Business Act (SBA). The European Commission called for the promotion of innovation and research in micro businesses through cooperation, increasing the knowledge of the sector through studies, conferences, workshops and statistics as well as identifying obstacles to the sustainable development of SMEs and the preparation of proposals to address them.

In particular the Small enterprises have an important economic impact to local and regional economies of the partner territories, especially when referring to artistic and contemporary crafts sectors. In this framework, INNOCRAFTS aims to strengthen the policy capacity of the involved partners to support entrepreneurship

and SMEs, to modernise their economies and improve their global competitive position. Experiences will be drawn from the partners’ most successful initiatives developed by their local and regional development

strategies and programmes. The project partners will implement an intensive transfer of experiences, knowledge and know-how on jointly selected best practices and approaches, in the following areas:


•  business models and business support services, including business incubators and business parks and other related facilities;

•  access to innovation design and financial assistance to SMEs;

•  SMEs internationalization, professional networking and

information exchange;

•  promotion of entrepreneurship among specific target groups such

as young and female entrepreneurs.