Artex is the the Centre for Artistic and Traditional Craftsmanship in Tuscany and promotes innovation and development of artistic and traditional handicrafts.


The sector of artistic craftsmanship in Tuscany is a unique heritage of manufacturing knowhow a complex reality comprising 33,000 enterprises with 177,000 emlployees.


Artex was created in 1987 by the CNA and Confartigianato crafts associations; over the years it has developed and managed projects for the improvement of crafts enterprises and their manufactures, gaining a unique experience in this sector.


Each Artex activity is sustained by the Steering Committee made up of experts, a collaboration making it possible to consolidate synergies with prestigious national and international organizations, along with a constant analysis of the economic world and its markets.


Artex has worked closely with Regione Toscana, local agencies and chambers of commerce, the Institute for Commerce Abroad, and crafts associations.